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Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company was voted by the readers and editors of Albuquerque The Magazine as one of the top 5 Theatre Companies in Albuquerque.

Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company, created by Doug Montoya and Kristin Berg in December 2004, prides itself on being one of the only children's theatre companies in Albuquerque that casts children on their ability to perform, not on their ability to pay. CPTC keeps itself viable by generating revenue through ticket sales and grants. CPTC was formed by a love of both improv and children, and fosters self expression, self confidence, and creativity through the use of an improv-based theatrical program. CPTC asks children to think for themselves and to take a sence of ownership in the show. To date Cardboard Playhouse has produced over 52 productions casting over a thousand local adult and child actors. 

about us

Danae Armijo Otero, Choreographer

Danae has been doing community theatre for more than 9 years and has been doing Cardboard Playhouse shows since 2008. Danae took dance lessons for 12 years. Mostly in contemporary and flamenco dancing. She found her heart in teaching musical theatre dance to the younger ones. She loves to see their faces light up when they master a challenging step or dance move. She looks forward to working with all of the awesome people at Cardboard Playhouse for many more years to come.

Madi Frost, Music Director

Madi Frost discovered Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company in 2008 and has been with them ever since. She has a background in both musical theatre and classical voice training, and has been performing in musicals around Albuquerque since 2005. Madi is currently pursuing her BA in Psychology and Communication at the University of New Mexico, where she also works as a technical specialist/data analyst in an experimental and behavioral research lab. More than anything, the highlight of her week is teaching and directing music for CPTC. Madi's greatest joy is sharing music with children of all ages and watching both their talent and their confidence grow. 

​Doug Montoya, Co-Artistic Director

Doug has been involved in improv for over 30 years. He studied improv under Ron Wilson, founding member of the Groundlings, and acting with Duke Stroud and Whitney Rydbeck. He is the founder of Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company. Doug wears many hats as co-artistic director of CPTC: among them are director, producer, set designer and builder, marketer, and sometimes, even actor.  He loves all aspects of the theater and especially the chance to help young artists grow and develop.  Doug is proud of the young women and men who grew up in the program and who are now working and collaborating with CPTC.

Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company is New Mexico nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Board of Directors

Kristin K. Berg, Co-Artistic Director 

Kristin is enthralled to be entering the second decade of quality youth theatre with CPTC. She has been working in theatre both on-stage and behind-the-scenes since 1994, acting, producing, directing, stage managing, designing and running boards around Albuquerque. She also is a Project Coordinator with Kesselman-Jones, Inc. where she transfers her directing skills to coordinating special projects, events and conferences. Kristin received her BFA in University Theatre Studies from Eastern New Mexico University in 2003 and loves working with youth, as well as the occasional grown-up.